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Visitor Code of Conduct

In continuously working towards BALTIC being an equitable, enjoyable and safe space we ask everyone to read and follow BALTIC’s Visitor Code of Conduct.

Have respect for individuals
Ableism, ageism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, biphobia or prejudice based on ability, appearance, asylum status, class, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, nationality, or religion is not welcome at BALTIC, and will not be tolerated. BALTIC is an anti-racist and anti-discriminatory organisation and is continuously working toward being better.

If we witness or encounter any behaviour that does not respect the above, or we have this reported to us, we reserve the right to insist a member of the public leaves the building or an event. We will report hate incidents and hate crimes or support you to report these or can report them on your behalf with your consent. Read BALTIC's Hate Crime Policy.

No abuse
Physical or verbal abuse towards our staff or other visitors will not be tolerated. Should this happen, we will insist you leave the premises or the online event and where appropriate we will either support you to report these or can report them on your behalf with your consent. Read BALTIC's Hate Crime Policy.

Call out discrimination
If you see disagreeable or discriminatory behaviour please report it, or challenge it. You can do this by challenging it yourself if you feel able to, or make a member of BALTIC Staff aware in person or flagging to the host(s) of the online event. We will take this seriously and either support you to report these or can report them on your behalf.

Experiences vary. Be anti-racist & anti-discriminatory.
Be mindful that people will have had experiences of racism or prejudice. Connected to that, people will not have had the opportunities and experiences you may have had. Racism and discrimination exist today.

We encourage our visitors and communities to respect one another and join BALTIC in adopting anti-racist and anti-discriminatory behaviour and ongoing learning about this. View further information and resources here as starting point. This list is not exhaustive.

Don’t make assumptions
Do not make assumptions on the opinions of others or how they identify. Kindly ask first and then actively listen. We can all get things wrong but striving to learn and correct ourselves is more important. Similarly, if someone misidentifies you or someone that you know identifies in another way to how they are being identified, then please correct others if you feel able to. This might be in person or in the event chat function. Make the host of the online event/activity aware privately if you wish.

Respect boundaries
Be aware of, and respect, the emotional and social boundaries of others.

Be kind with words
Be kind with your words and aware of language. Be aware of how the words you use in casual chats or deeper discussion might affect others.

Share the space
Make every effort to share the space(s). Give generously to allow everyone time and space to speak and share their thoughts and ideas if in a physical or online event.

Express opinions if you wish
If someone holds an opinion you do not agree with, feel free to say so. If you wish to, we encourage you to express how and why your opinion differs.

No excuses
Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or taking prescription medication(s) does not exclude or excuse you from following the behaviour described above.

View BALTIC Hate Crime/Incident Policy