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Ground Floor

Jimmy Turrell Pop-Up Shop

Until 1 September 2024 | 10am-6pm

Jimmy Turrell is an artist and video director born in Newcastle who uses hybrid techniques of collage, printmaking and photography. Part of Baltic Open Submission 2024 in association with Fenwick.

Man wearing an orange coat and black beanie stood against a wall covered in framed collages.

Shifting Surfaces: Parts I, II, & III by Jimmy Turrell brings together a series of works which over the course of six months will transform and reconfigure in three separate stages, using various techniques – hand collage, overprinting and painting being the primary methods. The work ranges in subject matter from collages of some of Turrell’s musical heroes to a combination of language, slogans and found material.

“I want to create an organic shift in perspective in each of the three stages and by using the juxtaposition of type and image I want to reconstruct the meaning of each piece. The wholesale redaction and sometimes destruction of some of these pieces is necessary for the next stage to exist.”

Turrell has also included collaborations in Stage I with artists Braulio Amado, Anthony Burrell, Richard Turley, and Jake Hollings, which again will be deconstructed and reconfigured over the course of six months.

Man wearing a black jacket and black beanie sat at a wooden desk surrounded by colourful artworks.

Meet Jimmy

Newcastle-born Jimmy Turrell is an artist and video director who studied at Central St Martins, London and has exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and London. His work is a hybrid of techniques including collage, printmaking and photography and explores the juxtaposition of past and contemporary subject matter.

“I’ve always been obsessed with finding the beauty in forgotten and discarded materials and bringing them back to life in a completely new context.”

Turrell has worked widely on music projects, most notably collaborating with Beck on the design of his last two album covers, several lyric videos, tour graphics and stage animations. He has also created music videos for Elvis and The Chemical Brothers and worked for artists ranging from Aretha Franklin and Pharrell Williams to The Prodigy and Wu Tang Klan.

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Framed print that reads 'The Universe My Dear, Is Yours'

Artwork for purchase

A limited edition Giclee print The Universe My Dear, Is Yours (a run of 50) is available to buy from Baltic Shop. All other works in the pop-up are for sale, please ask staff in Baltic Shop for details.