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Next episode 6 October

TRANSMISSIONS is back for Season 3. In the past year we have learned that all forms of community are vital in providing mechanisms to support each other through this precarious time.

In the continued pandemic landscape that we occupy many artists, writers and thinkers have had and continue to have exhibitions, opportunities and subsequent fees postponed or cancelled. In response to this, we established TRANSMISSIONS in 2020 as an online platform that commissions artists to share their work within a classic DIY TV show format. This new season for 2021 comprising of 6 episodes will stream on a monthly basis on TRANSMISSIONS TV from March to October 2021.

TRANSMISSIONS was established by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani.
Lori E.Allen is Producer, and Mika Lapid is Associate Producer.

Season 3 of TRANSMISSIONS will run as six episodes screening once per month on Wednesday at 9pm GMT/BST, repeating on Friday at 10am GMT/BST on TRANSMISSIONS TV. The first episode will air on 17 March 2021.

Episode 1 | 17 March | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 19 March | 10AM GMT

W/ Ron Athey / Tosh Basco / JJ Chan / Jamie Crewe / Valie Export / Ioanna Gerakidi / Will Harris / Caspar Heinemann / Ayesha Tan Jones / Martha Rosler / Julietta Singh / Peter Spanjer / Wu Tsang

Episode 2 | 28 April | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 30 April | 10AM GMT

Not a gimmick, a punchline by Christelle Oyiri (CRYSTALLMESS).

Low key, obsessed with reality TV, the multidisciplinary artist and musician Christelle Oyiri presents a specially commissioned episode for TRANSMISSIONS.

Christelle Oyiri (b. Nogent-sur-Marne, 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. She is a sound artist and DJ as well as a performer. Her work highlights forgotten mythologies, the subtle interstices between memory and alienation, DIY culture and technology. Her work has been exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations, France (2019); Frac Lorraine, France (2019); La Gaité Lyrique, France (2018); Espace Arlaud, Lausanne (2018); HEK, Basel (2019) Auto Italia South East, London (2019).

Episode 3 | 26 May | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 28 May | 10AM GMT

Shen Xin W / You Mi / Wang Tuo / Zairong Xiang

If the variety show exhibits symptoms of social conditionings, can its participants distance themselves from the symptoms? How can a nation-state be seen as land when settler/post/decolonial critique's applications are questionable? How do we speak about our own ethnicity when the doors behind us remain closed, and with walls around each of us? One participant's provocation, "Does China really exist?" is brought into a dialogical structure that asks, "Can fear be cute?" Discussions around ethnicity are pumped into our air hammers and ghostly encounters are channelled across lifetimes, painted in smoke and fire.

Episode 4 | 16 June | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 18 June | 10AM GMT

not/nowhere W / Jennifer Martin / Pratibha Parmar

No Prospects

Are you still looking for love? Are you between the years 2000 and 2021? Are you ready for the algorithm to shape your desire? not/nowhere presents Pratibha Parmar’s Wavelengths (2000) alongside research by Jennifer Martin.

Episode 5 | 15 September | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 17 September | 10AM GMT

Place? What Place? I don't see a Place here…

W/ Noor Abed / Noor Abuarafeh / Yazan Khalili / Dina Mimi / Amani Yacoub

This episode is curated by Yazan Khalili who lives and works in and out of Palestine. He is an architect, visual artist, educator, and cultural producer. He is co-founder of Radio Alhara.

Sometimes but especially during our current time, places and images have collided and became one. The image is the place, and the place is an image. The 5 videos by Palestinian artists included within Place? What Place? I don’t see a place here… are asking, contemplating, and playing with this confusion between place and image. They inhabit one and run away from the other. They jump between what they are, videos on a screen, to claiming to be the only possible places where social and political events can occur. Are these images of places? Or are they places that exist only in images? Do these questions matter anymore?

Episode 6 | 6 October | 9PM GMT
REPLAY | 7 October | 10AM GMT

The Band and Friends curated by Tosh Basco

The things that emanate from the ones I love.

W/ Sophia Al-Maria / Tosh Basco / Patrick Belaga / Kelton Campos / Enantios Dromos / Josh Johnson / Asma Maroof / Fred Moten / Lorenzo Moten / Julian Moten / Matthew Stone / Wu Tsang

Season 3 is funded and supported by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Chisenhale Gallery, Forma Arts and Media, Manchester International Festival, Netwerk Aalst, Somerset House Studios, South London Gallery & Wysing Arts Centre.