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Sahej Rahal:
A Visual Story

Find out what to expect when visiting Sahej Rahal: Mythmachine with this Visual Story - a guide with words and pictures. It is sometimes called a Social Narrative.

This exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. You can drop-in for free anytime during our opening hours.

Please note: The sculptures in this space, which you can interact with, have high magnetic fields. Pacemakers and other similar implanted devices may be affected.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your visit before coming, you can email us on or call us on 0191 478 1810.

  • As you travel past the glass lifts, you will find Baltic's Ground Floor gallery.

  • When you approach this exhibition on the Ground Floor, you will encounter a large wall text to the right of the entrance with the title of this exhibition Sahej Rahal: Mythmachine.

  • This exhibition explores counter-mythologies and takes inspiration from legends, technology and science fiction. This exhibition is a play based exhibition and visitors are encouraged to interact with some of the elements.

  • You can travel in any direction around the exhibition.

  • As you enter the gallery, the lighting will appear dark. You might hear audio in this space, sometimes it might be noisy.

  • As you travel further into the gallery you will notice orange seating in the right hand corner. Please feel free to sit here.

  • In the main gallery space there are visual landscapes projected onto three of the walls. The lighting might be bright and the projected visuals will be changing.

  • There will be a Baltic Crew member standing in the gallery, they are there to help and assist you with any questions.

  • Above, you may notice microphones hanging from the ceiling.

  • The microphones are in the gallery to pick up the sound of visitors in the space. The projected moving images directly respond to the sound that is heard in the space.

  • There are three large black creature like sculptures on orange stands, they may be taller than you. Please do not touch these artworks.

  • There are blue and green bean bags located on the gallery floor. Please feel free to sit on the bean bags and experience the moving images and audio.

  • To the left there is a smaller gallery space. As you enter you there is white vinyl wall text with information about the exhibition. Please feel free to read this.

  • The lighting is dark in this space with spotlights directed at the sculptures and text.

  • There are two stands with graphic novels on display. Please feel free to browse these.

  • Further into this space you may notice the vinyl signage on the wall. Which reads: 'Warning, high magnetic fields, pacemakers and other similar implanted devices may be affected. Touch the metal dot and sculpture simultaneously to produce sound.'

  • You can touch the sculptures in this space. The black sculptures on the orange plinths respond to touch with audio feedback.

  • At the rear of the gallery, the back wall there is covered in black and white illustrations.

  • Once you are ready to leave this gallery, return back and exit the same way you entered.