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Time Travel across Many-Worlds

Anna Bunting-Branch / Megan Broadmeadow / Nicholas Delap / Benjamin Hall / Aliyah Hussain / Seema Mattu / The Mochu / Sangram Mukhopadyay / Nuka Nayu / Salma Noor / Kinnari Saraiya

17 - 21 August 2022

Time Travel across Many-Worlds, curated by Kinnari Saraiya as part of her Frieze x Deutsche Bank Curatorial Fellowship at BALTIC, brings together stories and mediums that interweave the as-it-was, the here-and-now, and the yet-to-come.

We have to read this exhibition like we would hear rhythm - not beat after beat, not turn after turn, not frame after frame, but understanding that the first beat, the first turn, the first frame acquires meaning only if we consider that part of what comes after, the second beat, the third turn and so on. We have to imagine being travellers…

As we travel across worlds in the exhibition, we encounter works of multiple perspectives, physical and sensorial in virtual reality, video, game design and sound by 11 artists. To travel through their works, in various combinations, we travel from one generation to the next, from fiction to fantasy, reality to dreaming, and from self-reflection to transcendence. As travellers, our destination is what is to come. The exhibition is a work in progress. Our curiosity is what moves us on.

At the centre of this exhibition is a Bioscope, an old form of travelling cinema that fed the imaginations of a generation of people in the global south through the magic of moving images by a hand crank. The word Bioscope is constructed from the Greek (bios, life; skopeein, to look at), and the Oxford English Dictionary gives its traditional definition as 'a view or survey of life'. It demands its audience to engage with speed and chronology in order to watch the films fold/unfold frame by frame. Here, the act of seeing is subjectively constructed through each frame and view. The machine invites viewers to both participate in, and actively engage in, the act of reanimating time. Each turn of the crank induces this movement of the images - transforming static images into time-conscious constructions.

Time Travel across Many-Worlds takes you to 12 new and revisited stories of artists, as travellers across worlds and times, connecting people and landscapes. While each work within the exhibition provides its own mode of transportation when travelling in different contexts, how would you navigate when there is no map?


Anna Bunting-Branch / Megan Broadmeadow / Nicholas Delap / Benjamin Hall / Aliyah Hussain / Seema Mattu / Mochu / Sangram Mukhopadyay / Nuka Nayu / Salma Noor / Brandon Sam-Sumana / Kinnari Saraiya


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Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort while viewing virtual reality content. Content contains flashing lights.

When using the VR headset in this exhibition, please remain seated. 13+ Age advisory.


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