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Thursday 13 April – Monday 17 April 2017

Refuge/e is a new project that transports a shelter from Lebanon to locations around the UK, travelling from Yorkshire to the South-East. Learning first-hand from displaced Syrians, the shelter is constructed using a combination of emergency shelter kits and local materials.

The tent is furnished with plaster and brass castings of possessions typically found in these homes and is covered with old plastic advertising boards, now used for insulation. Through the space visitors will hear the unfiltered voices of refugees speaking about their daily experiences, illustrating the struggle for normality – cooking, cleaning and learning – amid the fragments of displaced lives.

An installation by Amp Art

Supported by Arts Council England, UNHCR, the British Council, the Art Fund and individual donations

CURATOR & ARTIST TALK: Art and Social Responsibility
Saturday 15 April / 14.00-15.30 / FREE
No pre-booking required / Limited capacity

Art has traditionally been one of the few spaces in Syria where political tensions and opinions could be expressed. As a result, art was feared and repressed by the government. Since the onset of the crisis in 2011, Syrian artists have been killed, poets have been exiled, and writers have been imprisoned. With no viable art scene left in Syria, the onus of responsibility falls on foreign institutions to exhibit art that documents, communicates, and expresses a culture under threat. This talk will examine the role – and indeed the responsibility - of arts institutions and artists during times of political unrest, both at home and far away.

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