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Jack Lavender

When we look outwards in space we look backwards in time

12 September – 22 November 2015

Jack Lavender (born Canterbury, 1983) makes sculptures, collages and installations. He draws from a world of found and mass-produced objects, borrowing from a range of sources including comic books, magazines, joke shops, and his own collection of manufactured goods and packaging – from crisp packets, fake fruit and leaf-shaped ashtrays to plastic dog toys in the shape of tree trunks or sausages. He constantly invents new sculptural frameworks for his assemblages of images and text, layering materials and creating new landscapes.

At BALTIC, Lavender presented an ambitious installation of new and recent work for the Level 2 gallery. The exhibition was the artist’s first solo presentation in a public institution in the UK. Working site-specifically, Lavender made a series of sculptures comprising printed banners and found objects which were suspended from the ceiling utilising the volumes of the space.