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BALTIC & Travelling Gallery: What’s for Tea?

Offsite exhibition

21 February – 18 July 2022

In its twentieth year as a free admission art gallery in Gateshead, BALTIC partners with Travelling Gallery, Scotland, on a new exhibition that will travel to communities across the North East of England.

Travelling Gallery is Scotland’s mobile art gallery, established in 1978 to bring contemporary art to the doorsteps of communities across the country. From February – July 2022, BALTIC will present a travelling exhibition that tours from Gateshead and its surrounding area all the way up to the Northumberland border connecting urban, rural and remote communities with contemporary art, finishing with a celebratory party for BALTIC’s twentieth birthday.

The group exhibition What’s for Tea? will be grounded within the history of BALTIC as a working flour mill opened in 1950 by Rank Hovis. It will explore food production from the perspective of local and community initiatives and their contrast with global mass production. Audiences will be invited to consider the urgency of re-thinking food production and consumption practices through local, national and international artistic practices. Participating artists include: Isabella Carreras, Kara Chin, Future Farmers, David Lisser and Turner Prize-nominees Cooking Sections.

A programme of communal meals and radical hospitality linked to BALTIC’s existing and ongoing local community projects will coincide with this exhibition. An associated programme of film screenings, recipe and seed exchanges, local foraging and bread making workshops will take place across the North East of England and additional artist-led workshops will happen in schools.