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Ad Minoliti

24 July 2021 - 8 May 2022

Ad Minoliti’s exhibition at BALTIC will be their first institutional presentation in the UK and their largest exhibition to date in Europe. Minoliti uses feminist and queer theory to generate alternative interpretations of painting, design, architecture, art history and visual language.

Minoliti’s work has been influenced by the work of the Argentinian constructivist avant-garde groups Arte Madí – founded in 1944 to express the reality of modern life through non-figurative concrete art and a playful approach to painting – and the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención, also initiated in 1944, they embraced purist modernist aesthetics whilst creating paintings on irregular shaped canvases.

Presented in BALTIC’s Level 4 Gallery, the exhibition has been conceived as an ‘alien lounge’ – a space away from terrestrial existence, where non-binary gender and a non-human centred approach to art and living is reality. Minoliti will re-imagine the space through the idea of landscape, thinking about it as a scenery that goes beyond nature.

The Feminist School of Painting will be an important part of the exhibition, with its classroom envisaged as a living installation. The school uses feminist and queer theory and experimentation as a foundation for learning and critical thinking. Reimagining the structure of an art school, Minoliti will collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of artists, academics, writers, and activists to lead bi-weekly workshops open to artists and non-artists alike. Each workshop will be centred around traditional painting genres to reimagine historical narratives from a feminist, intersectional and queer perspective. By incorporating their collaborators’ diverse backgrounds in biology, geography, science fiction, gender studies, technology, and more, the workshops aim to promote accessibility, creativity and curiosity over any art-specific expertise.