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BALTIC Podcast: Climate Frequencies

Listening to the climate emergency through the ears of artists, thinkers and activists.

Climate Frequencies is a five-part series, presented by musician and artist Natalie Sharp. The series explores the climate emergency and its reverberations, with contributions from the worlds of contemporary art, science, literature and climate research.

The series begins deep in the molten core of the earth, tunnelling through the rock formations under our feet before burrowing up to the soil and land, through forests, and out to the oceans ascending to our final episode into the air we breathe.

Presented by Natalie Sharp. Produced and sound designed by Femi Oriogun-Williams and exec produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

Climate Frequencies is available to listen to on your favourite podcast site, just search 'Climate Frequencies', or subscribe by following one of the links below:

Listen to the trailer now:

Trailer audio transcript

Our understanding of the climate crisis has gone from this ambiguous hole in the ozone layer to if we don’t act now we’ll be underwater and the seasons will be a thing of the past. We need new ways of telling the story - a new way of listening to the natural world.

[Sounds of ticking]

My name is Natalie Sharp and in this five part series from BALTIC in Gateshead we’re going to be exploring climate change through sound.

Kelly: It will be hundreds of years before that land will heal again. You know when we think about things healing what about them not healing and what we’re leaving for future generations with those scars

We’ll be listening to the climate emergency and it’s reverberations through the ears of artists, thinkers and activists…

[Moves through various natural sound/dreamscapes with increasing onward velocity]

Miriam: Even in the formation of the East African rift it was kind of this great slow sort of immeasurable violence that was happening over millions of years. In that we saw this opportunity for like storytelling.

Nasra: Re-imagining imagination takes a lot of work. Writing is a lot of work. Re-imagining is a lot of work relearning, et cetera, is a lot of work and imagining an alternative world. I think it takes a lot from us. And I think this is something that has to happen collectively.

Miriam: Who can find themselves in my absence? What will you fill with the empty space where I once stood?

Climate Frequencies is available to listen on Spotify, Apple or wherever you mine your podcasts.