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ArtLife is a series of films produced by ArtMix, created alongside BALTIC artists. The films explore issues that matter to the group and their peers, using BALTIC’s exhibitions as a starting point.

ArtLife: Bodies uses sculpture, animation, drawing and collage to explore issues of identity from in front of and behind the camera, drawing inspiration from BALTIC’s past exhibitions, Mick Peter’s To Me, To You and Ezuhu ezu – In(complete) by Ifeoma U. Anyaeji. ArtLife: Bodies was created over summer 2019 with the support of BALTIC artist Lesley-anne Rose.

ArtLife: (In)Equality primarily uses analysis of language and imagery to respond to some of the themes present in BALTIC’s past exhibitions; BALTIC Artists' Award 2017 and Adam Pendleton’s shot him in the face. ArtMix also created a supporting publication; What am I here for?. You can download the publication here. ArtLife: (In)Equality was created with the support of BALTIC artist Bex Harvey.

ArtLife: Disappearance uses painting, collage, photography, poetry and discussion to try to understand more about the current refugee crisis, whilst responding to BALTIC’s past exhibition Disappearance at Sea. ArtLife: Disappearance was created with the support of BALTIC artist Lesley Anne Rose.

ArtLife: Play uses sound, performance and spoken word to investigate how ArtMix understood and related to BALTIC’s past exhibition, The Playground Project. ArtLife: Play was created with the support of BALTIC artist Bex Harvey.

You can watch all ArtLife films on the ArtMix blog here.