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Art 50 Weekender

Presented by BALTIC & Sage Gateshead | Sat 23 & Sun 24 Feb 2019

23 & 24 Feb FREE Drop-in 10.00-18.00

What will Britain look like, feel like, be like to live in, in the wake of the Brexit vote? 50 projects funded by Sky Arts on this topic will be showcased on TV in Spring 2019. They will also be showcased at a free weekend festival in February at Barbican, London and BALTIC and Sage Gateshead.

BALTIC’s specific artist commissions will include performance and film work.

Jasleen Kaur continues to investigate cultural inheritance, the slipperiness of culture and forming of identities. Kaur will work together with a small group of second and third generation Sikh's living in London, who use music and rap as a political tool and voice, to create a new film installation in Level 1.

Kuba Ryniewicz is a freelance photographer, curator and researcher based in the North East of England and focuses on the relation between art and nature in diverse historic and socio-cultural settings. His work challenges traditional portraiture and travel chronicle to narrate unheard stories in the context of landscape, history, fashion and culture. In this new commission, Ryniewicz will work with intergenerational groups from the region.

Barby Asante's work creates situations and spaces for conversation, collective thinking, ritual and re-enactment. Her projects are centred in performative actions, research and togetherness to think about contemporary geographies, race, gender and social justice; to articulate perspectives that critically reflect on the legacies of slavery and colonialism and to discuss how histories also inform the present. Read more here.

The following Art50 commissions will also be presented at BALTIC over the course of the weekend.

Common Vision: Brand Identities for Millenial Britain
Matty Crawford and Joe Argent: His England
Simon Wade: Huntington Gardens
Simon Armitage: The Brink
Boy Blue: R.E.B.E.L
Animations: School Britannia
Naqqash Khalid: Stock
Gadzooks: Mad Dogs
Gulliver Moore: Small Town Politics
Sarah Maple: Empire
Connor Coulston: Me, Nan and Oldham

Art 50 Weekender is part of Art 50, a scheme commissioned by Sky Arts to explore the notion of British identity in the wake of Brexit.