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Gobscure you have already survived

Until 10 March 2024 | 10am-6pm

A colourful mapping of sound, poetry banners, sculptures and photography.

A lightbox screen with a blurred person walking past

29 November 2023 – 10 March 2024

you have already survived. 

A colourful mapping of a celebration of sound, poetry banners, sculptures and photography. This new lightbox commission, which can be found on our Ground Floor, has been created by gobscure, an artist, writer and performer based in Newcastle.

🎧 Listen to the audio description of this lightbox commission here.

Black wall with 3 square black images on it. The images are colourful drawings on a black background.

the afon wysg (river usk) which flows through south wales, has saved our life many times – literally and metaphorically. some rivers have rights, this one has riots (it was the site of britain’s last insurrection – the chartist uprising in cas newydd, newport in november 1839); the ‘other’ british transporter bridge (in newport); where we wrote our first ever poem; our first punk gig (as audience member); a yew tree at defynnog that defies science (the oldest heartwood has rotted so it cannot be accurately carbon-dated); the population of red kite (carrion birds) almost wiped out in the 1970’s still clinging on here, now successfully rewilding all over, including in the north-east’s derwent valley; the northern-most locations for wild (not domestic) welsh poppies are here – these flowers have taught us that post-trauma-growth is possible; the mountains, at rivers’ source, are where our horizons were first literally widened.

- gobscure

Man wearing a blue top and sat on a blue sofa holding a red pot with a model of a bird sat on it.

This lightbox exhibition is a colourful mapping ahead of a wider touring celebration in sound, poetry banners, sculpture, and photography opening at Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran, February 2024. gobscure is also an artist in residence at Live Theatre. 

Their solo performance premieres at Live Theatre in May 2024.

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