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A Visual Story: Franki Raffles

Find out what to expect when visiting Franki Raffles: Photography, Activism, Campaign Works with this Visual Story - a guide with words and pictures.

It is sometimes called a Social Narrative. 


A woman looking at bottles in a factory
© Franki Raffles Estate, all rights reserved. Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library and Edinburgh Napier University

This exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. You can drop-in for free anytime during our opening hours. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your visit before coming, you can email us on [javascript protected email address] or call us on 0191 478 1810. 

  • You will find this exhibition in our Northumbria University Gallery on the Third Floor 
  • As you approach this exhibition you will encounter a large centre wall with black and white photography
  • On the left of the centre wall there is a light green wall with the exhibition title and the running dates
  • Enter the gallery through the entrance on either side of the centre wall
  • This gallery space is divided up into 3 sections with walls separating them
black and white photography on a white wall
  • As you enter through the exhibition doorway you will be in the first section of the gallery
  • The lighting is low in this section
  • In front of you there will be a small white wall with black and white photographs and text about the exhibition
  • Some of the photographs are in black frames, some of them are not in frames
  • Behind you and either side of you there will be light green walls with black and white photographs on them
  • You can go around the small white wall in any direction you like to explore the next section of the gallery
Photographs on a spotlight wall
  • After you’ve gone around the small white wall you will be in the second section of the gallery
  • The lighting is the same as the first section
  • You will see a square wooden structure in the middle of the room with photographs on both sides
  • There is a table in the middle of the square wooden structure with chairs, you can sit on these chairs if you would like to
  • The walls in this section are light green and there are photographs on them
  • There are entrances to the third section of the gallery on both sides of the back wall
  • You can go through either of these entrances to enter the third section
A dark room with spotlights highlighting posters
  • Once you’ve gone through the entrance you will be in the third section of the gallery 
  • The lighting in here is darker 
  • The walls are dark grey and there is photography and posters on the walls 
  • There will be a screen playing a video with quiet audio 
black and photography on a green wall
  • You can travel around the exhibition in any direction 
  • Take as long as you want in the exhibition, there is no time limit
  • Once you are ready to leave the gallery, head back and exit the same way you entered
  • There will be a Baltic Crew member in the gallery, they are there to help and assist you with any questions
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If you have any queries or require assistance please telephone 0191 478 1810 or send us an email.

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