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Artists & Exhibitions

Discover past exhibitions and delve into artists and their artwork with these resources. 

Contemporary art is incredibly diverse and wide ranging and can be used to support teaching and learning as part of an entire learning experience. 

It can be used to generate creative thinking in all subject areas and to support learning across curricular dimensions, as well as contribute to personal development and personalised learning.



Sunset wallpaper with three photos of coloured smoke
Judy Chicago installation view, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art 2019. Photo: Rob Harris © 2019 BALTIC
Artist holding up item to show young person

Artist Skills Share

Uncover a new level of creativity with filmed, artist-led workshops for students in KS3 & 4. The videos focus on a specific subject area to develop students' awareness of the different technical skills and work practices in the production of art, craft and design. 

Build on existing knowledge within this subject area, learn new technical skills by working through a broad range of media, materials, techniques and processes. Develop a deeper understanding of each practice, become confident to experiment with different ideas, take creative risks and learn from experiences. 


Theresa Easton: A Guide to Printmaking Technical Skills

Helen Pailing: A Guide to Stitch and Textiles

Alex Hughes: A Guide to Photography Technical Skills

Scissors on some cut out shapes

Cut Out Drawing: Inspired by Rasheed Araeen

Play Video

Tree Textures inspired by Abel Rodriguez

Join Baltic artist Zoe Allen for all things tree-like and textured in this 7-minute discursive and making activity. 

Start with some looking-based questions before collecting a bank of tree-suitable descriptive words. Zoe will talk you through how to turn these into drawings, using everything from a biro to a lump of coal and squeezy mustard, before encouraging you to create an Abel Rodriguez-inspired textural landscape. 

You will need: card or thick paper, brown paper or envelopes, scissors, glue and a variety of drawing materials and/or things you can make marks with. Remember to share your makes with us...we want to see! 

Zoe has taken inspiration from Baltic’s previous exhibition by Abel Rodriguez and his indigenous knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest. 

Trees and leaves

Tree Textures with artist Zoe Allen

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Child filling out learning resource

Learning Resources

Explore our downloadable resources, ready for you to play with and enjoy. 

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