Mick Peter

To Me, To You

21 June – 27 October 2019

Mick Peter lives in Glasgow, Scotland and uses fictional cartoonish imagery to create playful installations. BALTIC presents a new commission specifically for the level 4 gallery, drawing on archetypes of ‘the artist’. Peter will create a large-scale installation, where visitors can experience a fictional sequence of sculpture production in the public realm. Using humour, Peter observes the obscurities contained in the process of making, particularly within a gallery context.

Employing common understanding alongside misconceptions of art-making and exhibition-making, Peter unveils these processes from start to finish. The artist references westernised abstract modern sculpture often used as a standardised representation and typical signifier of contemporary art in mass media.

Peter considers these arbitrary recurring images, often used in strip cartoons and editorial illustrations, questioning whether these comic illustrations of art contribute to a continued undermining of its perception, significance and meaning.