Dan Holdsworth: Mount St. Helens from Spirit Lake

The photograph was made at Mount Saint Helens in Washington State in the North West United States which forms part of the Cascade Range of volcanic mountains that extends from British Columbia to California and forms part of The Pacific Ring of Fire. It is the most active volcano in the United States and also holds within its caldera the youngest glacier in the world, Crater Glacier.

A geometry of pink and orange lens flare in the image appears almost as an emission from the mountain itself, and hints at the influence of landscape within material concerns of West Coast Minimalism, the Sublime, and in some ways echoes James Turrell's concerns for material light and his interventions within the Roden Crater.

Mount St. Helens from Spirit Lake, 2012, is a limited edition series of 100 prints which are signed and numbered by the artist and retail at £175.00

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Dan Holdsworth Blackout series was exhibited at BALTIC in 2010.