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12 & 13 November 2021

12 & 13 November 2021

The CONTINUOUS Network has teamed-up with Unlimited to support the creation of a new disabled-led dance work as our next CONTINUOUS commission. Freestylers will create a new dance work to perform at BALTIC, Bluecoat and Tramway in 2021/22.

Freestylers are an ever-expanding team of artists, person-centred and disability-led. Their work is about listening and learning from each other. Core members are: Adam Smith, Abdul Sabir, DJ Hassan, Francis Majekodunmi, Sherrie King, Paul Davidson, Shola Cole Wilson, Roland Carline, Vicky Hawkins, Ben Myers and Rachel Gildea.

The foundation of Freestylers is made of a team of people who have longstanding creative relationships built on care, support and trust. As their team is made up of artists with and without disability, they are often interrogating the idea of support and care because they believe it goes both ways. Freestylers provide a space where people can be seen and become a part of a wider cultural conversation about race, class, identity, and gender which is shaping the future. They believe that everyone in their group is powerful, and passionate about finding ways to break down conventional power structures and share ownership of our work. They want to celebrate individuals but challenge individualism in the arts.

They use performance and film to look for new and inclusive ways to communicate, working in gallery spaces in the context of performance art. They call themselves ‘Freestylers’ because they love improvisation of all forms. They want their spaces to feel relaxed and intimate and audiences to be able to come and go, shout and make noise, and to join when they want to. Freestylers is a journey and they want people to join, because they believe that everyone benefits from an inclusive arts scene.