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Bread & Breakfast

Wed 3 Aug - Sun 4 Sep 10am-6pm

Wednesday 3 August – Sunday 4 September, 10am-6pm

Level 2, Launch Pad

Free, Drop-In

Following its success at our birthday weekend celebrations, Bread & Breakfast is back at Baltic. Inspired by Baltic’s history as a flour mill, explore the journey of bread from farm to plate in this self-led play space for under 5s.

Farm and Field Wheat goes through several steps on its journey from farm to table. Farmers plant seeds and care for plants until the wheat is ready to be harvested. Combine harvesters are used to cut the plants and separate the straw from the grain. The grain is then loaded onto trucks to be transported.

Factory Flour mills grind the grain into different types of flour such as whole wheat or bread flour. The flour is then packaged up before being transported to shops and other food retailers.

Shop and Home Flour can be used to make all sorts of food products that we can buy from shops or make at home.

Please note: This is a self-led space. Please supervise your children’s play at all times.

Be aware that this area contains small parts and uses wheat as a play material. The wheat is organic grain which may contain cross contamination of legumes, poppy and mustard seed. Please speak to a member of Baltic Crew for more information.