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Singing Over the Bones

Wed 11 Mar 17.00

Wed 11 Mar 17.00-18.00

FREE, Booking Essential

BxNU Experimental Studio | BALTIC 39

Brighid Black will present a performance as part of her current research project Singing Over the Bones, a speculative, interdisciplinary enquiry into future human cohabitation with earthothers.

Journeying through geological time, from the Ice Age to the Anthropocene, the artist gathers fragments of flora and fauna, past and present, traces of lives making up the community, through time, of Upper Teesdale, in the North Pennines.

Using sound, words and found objects, the artist invites you to join her in invoking the guardian spirit known, amongst other names, as the Hobthrush, who was believed to dwell in a local cave by Teesdale lead miners. Perhaps such beings can provide a focus for communities seeking to live alongside one another with empathy and compassion.