Lowick Lime, an exhibition / Public Event

Wednesday 20 November – Friday 22 November 2019

Lowick Lime, an exhibition

Charles Danby & Rob Smith
Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 November 2019

Wednesday 16.00-18.00, Thursday–Friday 10.00-18.00

Charles Danby and Rob Smith, in conjunction with the Lowick Heritage Group, present the first iteration of Lowick Lime, an exhibition and event that explores the lime industry’s entanglement with materials, ecologies, people and histories in the village of Lowick on the Scottish Borders.

Lowick Lime engages with the Lowick Heritage Group’s initiative to restore a 19th century lime kiln. It expands the historical site of the kiln through the activation of walking routes, ecological and architectural surveys, the micro-industrial production of quicklime, community archaeology, the marking of hidden industrial sites, and archival storytelling. The exhibition takes the form of an expansive drawing that re-orientates aspects of the geological, social, economic and industrial structures of the village of Lowick within the space of the Experimental Studio. A floating conical archival structure provides a ‘meeting place’ for publics with ‘tellings’ of Lowick, through objects, materials, scripts and artefacts.

Public event: Unearthing Lowick Lime

Friday 22 November 2019 18.00-19.30


Unearthing Lowick Lime is an event in two parts. Part 1 is an open discussion hosted by Charles Danby, Rob Smith and the Lowick Heritage Group. It will think through the actions and negotiations that are ongoing in Lowick, and unravel the complex relationships to its geological and industrial limestone landscapes. It will ask how a 19th century lime kiln opens new interactions with Lowick’s industrial past, how it forms contemporary meanings for the residents today and provides Lowick with opportunities for new kinds of future-building.

Part 2 is a performed reading of a script by members of the Lowick Heritage Group. The script is the latest in a series written by social historian Julie Gibbs for the people of Lowick, and is the first to be performed and read outside of the village. It is compiled from extensive archival sources that create an exacting storytelling through characters and events from Lowick’s past. This script draws on the conflicting interests surrounding Lowick’s lime industry between 1839 and 1842.

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