(I get) So Emotional

Fri 26 Apr 12.00

Fri 26 Apr 12.00-16.15

FREE, all welcome. Lunch included

(I get) So Emotional is programmed with curator and researcher Seán Elder and looks to the politics of emotions when situated between people, institutions and cultures. Emotion and affect have been considered through a multitude of perspectives historically with recent articulations emerging from a context of austerity and global socio-political crises. This event will present gestures that embody belonging, subculture, and relational identity, as alternatives to these cicrumstances, in the context of Ways of Learning at BALTIC 39.

Throughout the day, artist Gordon Douglas will present a series of Welcome Speeches, addressing the group gathered in BALTIC 39. The day will also include a screening of a reconstruction of David McDiarmid’s A Short History of Facial Hair, directed by Hermano Silva, and a session of the Queer Conditions Reading Group.

This is part of Ways of Learning BALTIC curated by Kim McAleese & Lucy Lopez.


12.00-14.00: Food Prep and Shared Lunch

14.00-14.15: Welcome Speech I

14.15-14.30: Screening of Hermano Silva’s reconstruction of David McDiarmid’s A Short History of Facial Hair (1993)

14.30-14.45: Welcome Speech II

14.45-16.00: Coffee and Reading Group

16.00-16.15: Welcome Speech III