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Black Power Naps Dream Bag

Artists Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa have created a Dream Bag as a guidance for better sleep. The toolkit has been specially conceived for people who experience racism regularly in our society, to support breaking with constant fatigue by slowing down and resting.

Recent studies have shown that the distribution of rest is determined by race, with Black, Indigenous and people who experience racism, regularly getting less sleep than white people. This is referred to as the ‘Sleep Gap’.

Dream Bag is part of the artists’ ongoing project Black Power Naps in which they expose and highlight the inequality to access to rest in Western society, where relaxation and rest are luxuries reserved for the privileged and rich.

A number of physical packs to aid relaxation and sleep will be distributed to people based locally to BALTIC, in Gateshead, of South Asian heritage, East Asian, South East Asian heritage, and people of African or Caribbean heritage.

Find out more about Black Power Naps here