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A Visual Story: Project Art Works, Residential

Find out what to expect when visiting Project Art Works: Residential with this Visual Story guide - a guide with words and pictures. It is sometimes called a Social Narrative. 

People stood in a room with big, colourful canvases on the walls.

This exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. You can drop-in for free anytime during our opening hours. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your visit before coming, you can email us on [javascript protected email address] or call us on 0191 478 1810. 

Large white wall with Project Art Works Residential written on it, and a big circular graphic on the right of that. There is also an entrance way leading into a gallery space on this wall..
  • You will find this gallery on the Ground Floor, behind the glass lifts.
  • As you approach this exhibition, you will encounter a large pale grey wall with the title of this exhibition 'Project Art Works: Residential' and below it dates of the exhibition. Alongside the title is the Makaton symbol for 'Residential' which looks like a house.
  • To the right of this, you will also see a large wall graphic titled Cosmology of Care that is in a swirl shape. Inside this shape there are words relating to the theme of 'care'.
  • In front of you there is an entrance way you can walk through to get into the exhibition.
A white wall with two columns of text on the left and two outlines of drawings of
  • Once you enter the exhibition, you will see directly in front of you text on the wall describing the exhibition, and also listing the exhibition contributors and sponsors.
  • To the right of this, on the same wall, you will see an outline drawing of two figures doing sign language. The first is doing the symbol of 'care' and the second is doing the symbol of 'house'. These symbols are the closest sign language to forming the word 'residential', which is the name of the exhibition.
  • On your left, there is also a large desk. Sometimes, there may be a member of Crew or Project Art Works sat at this desk who you can talk with about the exhibition.
White room with big widows and shelves storing boxes and art supplies. There is a big abstract painting on the wall that's black and white and space on the floor for people to carry out workshops.
  • Beyond the large desk on your left, there is an entrance way that leads through to a workshop room.
  • You may only be able to enter this room if you are invited to take part in a workshop.
  • In this room there are large windows, shelves with boxes and art supplies on them, and space in the middle of the room for people to take part in workshops.
  • There is a large, abstract black and white painting hung on the wall.
Room with dark grey carpet, a brown leather sofa against one wall and colourful abstract paintings on the right.
  • Opposite this, you will see a brown leather sofa which you can sit on if you like.
  • Next to this, on the far right, is where the exhibited artworks begin. There are large abstract paintings on canvas and Fabriano paper displayed on the walls. To see more of these artworks you can walk round the corner into the main exhibition space.
Large room with dark grey walls and carpet. There are large, colourful, abstract paintings hung on the walls and also large video screens. In the middle of the room there are two semi-circular wooden benches.
  • As you move into the main exhibition space, you will see large scale, colourful and abstract paintings on canvases and Fabriano paper displayed on the walls.
  • You will also see large screens showing a film of people making art, creating, moving around rooms and having verbal and non-verbal conversations with each other. There is sound on this film but it's not very loud. The film is 27 minutes long.
  • In the middle of the room there are two semi-circular wooden benches you can sit on if you like.
  • The flooring around this exhibition is carpeted.
  • There will be a Baltic Crew member in the gallery, they are there to help and assist you with any questions.
Video screen showing a person painting with red paint on a white wall. Around the video screen are big colourful paintings hung on the wall.
  • Take as long as you want in this exhibition, there is no time limit.
  • Once you are ready to leave this gallery, head back and exit the same way you entered.