Guidelines When Visiting

We want to ensure that you have the best visit possible whilst we also need to look after the artworks on display and the safety of all visitors. This means that we do ask you to pay attention to some simple rules each time you visit.

Don’t touch artworks
BALTIC asks that visitors do not touch artworks as this can cause irreparable damage.

Don’t eat or drink in the galleries
Visitors are requested not to consume food or drink within the galleries.

Don’t smoke in the building
BALTIC is a non-smoking building; this includes electronic cigarettes.

Don’t use your mobile phones for making calls
BALTIC asks that you do not make phone calls in the galleries.

Do be aware
For safety and security of visitors, staff and artworks, CCTV is in operation throughout BALTIC.

Photography Policy
- Unless otherwise stated photography is permitted in galleries and the building but must be for personal use only.
- Flash photography is not permitted.
- Video filming is not allowed in the galleries without prior permission.
- Photography for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior permission.
- Permission must be sought in advance from the Communications team
- BALTIC reserves the right to alter photography guidelines.