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Town Hall Meeting of the Air

12 June - 31 July 2021

Town Hall Meeting of the Air is an exhibition and programme conceived by Tess Denman-Cleaver and Kate Liston that thinks about the poetics of civic gathering.

Please note: The BALTIC 39 exhibition Town Hall Meeting of the Air, is closed Sun 25 July, but will be open and ready for you to visit in its final week from Wed 28 July. On Sat 17 July and Thu 29 July, the exhibition will be closed to accommodate bookable events here.

Collaboratively developed since 2018, Town Hall Meeting of the Air looks at how architecture shapes public gathering and language. The focus on the sensory and material experience of gathering eulogises the silences, stutterings and physical proximity lost in digitally-mediated togetherness.

Town Hall Meeting of the Air draws on research into ancient assembly sites, abandoned parliaments, radio broadcast history, utopian literature and the experimental and politicised writings of novelist and poet, Gertrude Stein.

An online radio station designed and scheduled by the artists will broadcast a series of live events and archive content including live performances, discussion events and archive recordings of the original ‘America’s Town Meeting of the Air’ radio show (1935-1956).

Town Hall Meeting of the Air also hosts work by Anna Barham, James Newrick and collaborators Rosie Morris and Taryn Edmonds.

The artists would like to thank Jemma Hind for her contribution to the research and design of the exhibition during lockdown.

Listen to an audio descriptive tour of the exhibition here