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Sutapa Biswas:
A visual story

Find out what to expect on when visiting Sutapa Biswas: Lumen with this Visual Story guide - a guide with words and pictures. It is sometimes called a Social Narrative.

This exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. You can drop-in for free anytime during our opening hours.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your visit before coming, you can email us on or call us on 0191 478 1810.

  • As you arrive on Level 3, you will see a large wall text with the title of this exhibition Sutapa Biswas: Lumen.

  • On the left wall there is an introductory piece of writing that tells you more about the exhibition. You can read this if you would like.

  • As you walk into the gallery, you will notice there is dimmed lighting.

  • There are photographs and drawings on the wall, alongside film works. Please do not touch the artworks.

  • You will enter through Gallery 1. We advise turning left and travelling around the gallery clockwise.

  • There will be areas with benches. Feel free to take a seat. The film lengths vary and the volume differs.

  • You do not have to watch the entire films, and can exit at any time.

  • The films have the following durations:

01 Remembrance of Things Past, 2006 With sound. Duration: 9:58 min

04 Light rain, 2015–21 With sound. Duration: 10:10 min

05 Birdsong, 2004 (re-mastered in 2021) No sound. Duration: 7:12 min

07 Lumen, 2021 With sound. Duration: 30 min

09 Magnesium Bird, 2004 With sound. Duration: 9:27 min

  • There will be a BALTIC Crew member standing within this exhibition, they are there to help and assist you.

  • Once you are ready to leave this gallery, head back and exit the same way you entered.