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SPAM Spreads #2

The contributions to this issue of S.P.A.M. Spreads explore the politics and future of food production and consumption, ideas of hospitality and acts of eating together, and methods of sharing practice and preserving cultures.

S.P.A.M. Spreads reimagines BALTIC's Self-Publishing Artists’ Market in printed form. It offers a space where a vibrant community of artists, activists, illustrators and zine-makers can come together to exchange practice, share ideas and tell stories.

Between February and July 2022, this publication will travel to communities across the North East of England on board a custom-built bus as part of BALTIC’s mobile exhibition, What’s for Tea? - delivered in partnership with Travelling Gallery Scotland.

Featuring work by:

Andro Semeiko, Gherdai Hassell, Giulia Ausenda Stanford, Maria Howard + Rosie King, LACAS allotments: Penny Hallas and Ross Pinkerton, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Tara Homasi, Madas David, Ted Talk, Michiru Nakayama, Holly Eliza Temple, Yu Chunju, Vanessa Murrell, Erin Collins, Stephanie Francis-Shanahan, B. Guerin, Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes, Kat Wood, Laima Matuzonytė, Helen Shaddock, Victoria Rotaru.

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You can view a PDF version of S.P.A.M. Spreads #2 here.