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Until We Run Out of Roads

BxNU MFA Graduate Exhibition

31 May – 16 June 2019

Declan Ackroyd / Hannah Barker / Samuel Barry / Communal Voices / Aloe Corry / Joanna Georghadjis / Tracy Himsworth / Siân Hutchings / Tommy Keenan / Ciara Ní Léanacháin / Euan Lynn

Exhibition open Wed-Sun: 12.00-17.30

There is no clear road ahead; we negotiate altered routes and face numerous paths at once. Until We Run Out of Roads unites eleven voices of the graduating artists of the BxNU Master of Fine Art programme. Through the two years we have travelled together, side by side, navigating intersecting routes — it has passed us by quicker than we could imagine.

To run out of roads is to forge alternative routes and find other forms of navigation. It is to mobilise ideas by heel, spoke, stake or hoof. BALTIC 39 has not just been a destination or a site for learning. It has been a vehicle for encounters through which to build networks and map out plans ahead.

This exhibition is not a full stop — It is an acknowledgement of our tenacity. We continue to place one foot in front of the other without knowing the road ahead.

Live events programme

Siân Hutchings: Pronounced with a soft ‘g
Fri 7 & 14 June, Sat 8 June, 14.00
FREE Drop-in

Wed 5 June 17.30-19.30
FREE Drop-in
Expanded audio performances by Tracy Himsworth, Siân Hutchings and Euan Lynn.

Launch of ∞ : Video Zine
Thu 13 June 18.00-20.00
FREE Drop-in
∞ has been produced by ten postgraduate students based in the BxNU Institute, BALTIC 39. Following a series of writing workshops held with Akerman Daly in response to Heather Phillipson’s BALTIC exhibition, The Age of Love, a range of experimental approaches to writing have been performed and produced to create, ∞. Join us in the Experimental Studio to launch this visual mix tape of experimental writing including prose, poems, diagrammatic visualisations and uncharacteristic idioms.

The BxNU Master of Fine Art (MFA) at Northumbria University has been developed in partnership with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. The two-year course offers ambitious artists the opportunity to participate in a unique postgraduate degree programme, centred on the dynamic and critical culture of the BxNU Institute at BALTIC 39.

To find out more about the BxNU MFA visit: