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Playing Up: A Playful Protest

Tue 18 Feb 10.00-18.00

Playing Up is a series of discussions, workshops, networks and ideas-sharing events exploring play and its role in place, relationships and disruption. This programme of events is part of exhibition Play Rebellion by artist Pippa Hale. For full details about the Playing Up programme and to find out more about the opportunities to get involved, see below:

A Playful Protest!
Tue 18 Feb 10.00-18.00
FREE Drop-in

Families are invited to join us for a day of Playful Protest; we'll be taking lines for walks, building forts, balancing on walls, and wiggling on our bellies. Through a series of artist led and self-led activities, we'll be exploring what happens when we play, all day. Be prepared to make your own rules, take risks, question power relationships and above all, have a great time!

Programmed as part of MAPS Festival.

Many of the Playing Up programme events will be documented and available to watch on