BALTIC Travelling Library

BALTIC Travelling Library is a mini mobile library on wheels. It includes a collection of books which can be tailored to different themes, and a selection of art materials. The library also features an in-built recording device, which can be used to record, store and play-back sounds and stories.

I’m part of a community group, how can I use it?

BALTIC Travelling Library features a range of books and art supplies that can be tailored to your interests and used to fuel the imagination of all ages. So far, people have used BALTIC Travelling Library to record and share memories about childhood and their local area, for zine making and drawing workshops, and for book clubs and storytelling. The possibilities are endless, and BALTIC staff and artists will happily help you plan a session with the Travelling Library, so you can get the most out of it.

I’m a teacher, or part of a school community, how can I use it?

Inspired by BALTIC’s current exhibition Our histories cling to us by artist Joy Labinjo, BALTIC Travelling Library is stocked with books about artists working in portraiture, painting, drawing and photography. Labinjo’s paintings feature portraits of relatives, friends and unknown figures she has happened upon in family photographs. For this exhibition, open until 23 February, Labinjo’s work explores identity, memory and ideas of belonging. Within the library there is also a selection of art materials to support your group’s imaginative and creative responses to exploring and making their own style of portraits.

How does it work?

BALTIC Travelling Library travels to all areas of Gateshead and Newcastle. Please give at least three weeks’ notice, so we can stock it with the books and materials required to meet the needs and interests of your group. The Library can be borrowed for up to 5 days, and we will drop-off and pick-up the library at your venue. Your venue will need to be accessible with ramps or lifts to accommodate the Travelling Library.

If you are part of a community group and would like to book the Travelling Library, please email: annieb@balticmill.com or call: 0191 440 4919.

For bookings from schools and colleges please email amandam@balticmill.com or call: 0191 440 4917

Is there a cost?

No, it’s free to book BALTIC Travelling Library.

If you’d to enhance your booking, there’s also the option of working with an artist to run a practical workshop alongside the library, tailored to your group. BALTIC artists are experienced in running artistic and educational events with communities, and will work with you to deliver a fun, creative and inspiring session for your group. If you would like to work with an artist, there is a cost of £130 for a half-day session and £250 for a full day session.