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Kathryn Elkin Seminar Day

Sat 1 Dec, 12.00

Sat 1 Dec, 12.00-16.00

FREE, voluntary donations tickets available* Booking essential

On Saturday 1 December artist Kathryn Elkin will present a seminar day that will include a screening event, curated in response to Elkin’s video new work Queen, presented by Lux Co-Director Maria Palacios Cruz. There will also be a presentation by Dr. Erika Balsom on authenticity, as well as a suite of performances from collaborators and peers Elkin met and began dialogue with during her fellowship. Artist Kathryn Elkin is currently Warwick Stafford Fellow (2017/18), hosted by Northumbria University at BALTIC 39.

The seminar day will include the following film programme:

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby - The Fine Arts (3 min, Argos)
John Smith - Unusual red cardigan (14 min, LUX)
Laure Prouvost - Stong Story (Brother/Cake) (2 min, LUX)
Miranda Pennell - You Made Me Love You (5 min, LUX)
Tina Keane - Clapping Songs (6 min, LUX)
Peggy Ahwesh - Martina's Playhouse (20 min, VDB)
Abigail Child - Mutiny Is This What You Were Born For? (10 min, 16mm, LUX)

Artist biography:
Kathryn Elkin was born in Belfast, 1983. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s Environmental Art course (2005) and received a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Writing from Goldsmiths College, London (2012). She was a Lux Associate Artist (2012-2013) and Artist in Residence as part of the BBC’s Artists in the Archive project (2014).

Her performance and video works concern roleplaying and improvising, along side an ongoing interest in the 'out-take' and clowning 'on set'. The videos often resemble simplified versions of music videos and TV talk shows. Elkin's works typically manifest through citing a referent—such as an artist, a song, a writer, or performer—upon which she applies personal methods of translation, transcription and representation. She has an ongoing interest in shared 'cultural' memory (e.g. those produced by popular music, television and cinema) and the melding of this information to biographical memory.

*Plus booking fee, non-refundable