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Carolina Caycedo : Museo de la Calle / Street Museum

Wed 20 July - Sun 28 August

Wed 20 July - Sun 28 August

Level 4 Gallery

Free drop-in

Artist Carolina Caycedo invites you to contribute to her work Museo de la Calle / Street Museum (1998/2022) by bringing in a hand-made object to Baltic between 20 July–28 August, which will be displayed as part of the work.

Objects will be on display until January 2023, when their owners will be able to exchange them for different objects brought in by someone else.

Through this display and action, the artist encourages us to think about our relationship to our material possessions and the economic system that we live in, whilst considering alternatives that foster recycling, sharing, gifting, and potentially unlimited non-monetary exchange.

Hand your object in to a member Baltic Crew on Level 4 to participate.

The Museo de la Calle is one of Caycedo’s earliest projects. It was first developed in Bogotá, Colombia as part of the artist collective Colectivo Cambalache in 1998. Since then, it has been revisited in various configurations for projects in different locations.

The project centred around bartering and redistribution as a form of social connection and research. The artists took a small recycling cart, which they called El Veloz ('speedy' in Spanish), around the streets of the marginalised neighbourhood of El Cartucho in Bogotá, exchanging objects that local residents donated and swapped. Bartering has existed for centuries and across cultures. It is a key example of a circular economy that supports waste reduction, whilst encouraging social connection.