Bronze Arts Award

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art supports young people, schools and organisations with Bronze Arts Award (RQF Level 1) in the following ways:

PART A: Explore the arts as a participant

Schools and organisations: Book an Artist Studio Session to take place either at BALTIC or at your school or organisation.

Young people: Join an ArtMix session to take part in a free artist led workshop.

PART B: Explore the arts as an audience member

Young people, schools and organisations: Take advantage of BALTIC’s free spotlight tours which happen every day at 11.30, 13.30 and 15.30, or get in touch to organise a free tour for your group.

PART C: Arts inspiration

Schools and organisations: Book a free Library Session and use BALTIC Library for your students to research their arts inspiration.

Young people: Visit BALTIC’s exhibitions to get inspired by an artist and use the library to research art and design. ArtMix Hub is a space exclusively for young people to use during gallery opening hours and has computers, printers, books and art materials; which are all free to use.

PART D: Arts skills share

Young people, schools and organisations: Use the skills you learn in an artist led workshop at BALTIC to plan and lead your own workshop for family, friends or other students.

Get in touch with leannea@balticmill.com or rachaelr@balticmill.com for more information.