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You Kept Me Vaguely Sane

BxNU MFA | Graduate Exhibition

9 May – 27 May 2018

9 May - 27 May 2018

You Kept Me Vaguely Sane has been conceived by the fourth graduating cohort of the BxNU MFA. Throughout the two-year programme these artists have been encouraged to experiment, diversify and innovate, guided by individual curiosity and yet simultaneously driven by collective concerns. This exhibition represents a distinctive feature of the course in how singular trajectories can coalesce in shared creativity. Together these artists have demonstrated their ability to locate themselves and their practices in ways that face the world openly, seeking to enliven, reveal and re-frame our attitudes to the current climate.

You Kept Me Vaguely Sane sets a context for these lines of questioning to unfold:

In 2016, in his speech before meeting the Queen to relinquish political office, David Cameron thanked his wife Samantha for keeping him vaguely sane. As a group of young artists working together in the two-year period following this event, we find ourselves in a state of flux, living, reacting and adjusting within this aftermath. Responding to this Brexit limbo and the ever-moving political landscape, the thing that has kept us all vaguely sane is the sanctuary of our creativity.

The BxNU Master of Fine Art, is a unique partnership between Northumbria University and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, based in the vibrant studio culture here at BALTIC 39.

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